Mobile growth nightmares

Behind every success, there are multiple mistakes and these present a fantastic opportunity for learning and improvement. In the podcast series Mobile Growth Nightmares, hosted by Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) and Andy Carvell (Phiture), the hosts talk about failures, missed opportunities, embarrassing blunders, and the lessons learned from them.

Adam Hadi

In the latest episode, Gessica and Andy were joined by Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current. Coming from a background as an economist, Adam has developed years ofexperience in the marketing field. At Current, his goal is to enable members to change their lives by creating better financial outcomes.

In this episode, Adam outlines the biggest nightmare he experienced during his career. This nightmare comes from early in Adam’s career, and it centers around a classic ordeal for anyone in the growth industry: switching attribution sources.

Later, in the ‘Brilliant or Bullshit’ part of this episode, the hosts and Adam discuss the positives and negatives of TikTok’s impact on the music industry.

You can listen to Season 2 Episode #6, alongside all the other podcast episodes, on our newly-designed dedicated Mobile Growth Nightmares page.