Behind every success, there are multiple mistakes. In the podcast series Mobile Growth Nightmares, hosted by Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) and Andy Carvell(Phiture), we talk about failures, missed opportunities, embarrassing blunders, and the lessons learned from them.

Mobile Growth Nightmares Podcast Epsiode 8

Mobile Growth Nightmares podcast is back with a great episode recorded at one of the biggest mobile growth events in the world — Mobile Apps Unlocked 2019 in Las Vegas. The 9th MGN episode features Adam Lovallo, the mastermind behind the MAU conference and publication and Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, Vice President of Marketing at SmartNews.

Adam Lovallo

Adam Lovallo has been running and MAU conference for a while, however, before that he worked as a Head of Customer Acquisition/Growth and in this episode, he shares his story of how important it is to understand the lifetime value to avoid dropping “straight away to zero.”

Fabien-Pierre Nicolas

The second speaker, Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, currently the VP of Marketing at SmartNews talks about how it can be difficult to be an honest french when dealing with the ad networks. Fabien-Pierre also talks about how different but also similar TV and digital marketing and how important the creatives can be.

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