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Campaigning During COVID Part 2: How to Combine Online and Offline Tracking on Facebook Ads

In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve seen a surge in tech-adoption. Audiences that were once reticent to use digital tools, like seniors or local audiences, are now logging on and participating. This is an exciting development, but it’s too simple to say that everything is now digital. As we discussed in part one of this series, mobile marketers shouldn’t ignore the offline conversions still available. In fact, for many businesses, offline conversions are just as or more important.

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Campaigning During COVID Part 1: Addressing the Core Challenges

COVID-19 has, in many ways, accelerated the rate of digitization. Companies who had no plans or only long term plans to offer their products/services online, have had to act quickly to offer digital purchase options to remain relevant. Yet, the business impacts of COVID-19 are much more nuanced than a simple on/offline dichotomy, and companies who already had online shops and digital campaigns pre-COVID-19 had to evolve their strategies as well, while mobile growth/ASO teams have more competition than ever before.

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Part 2: COVID-19: How to Launch a Product During a Crisis

In Part II, I’d like to move one step forward, and talk about how to launch a product during the pandemic. To successfully launch a product during COVID-19, you have to understand what’s changed, how your product must be adapted, and what channels/strategies to use. Many of the essentials—understanding your offer, streamlining communications and marketing, and re-working your KPIs—may be the same as when you’re maintaining your product during the pandemic.

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Part 1: COVID-19: How to Maintain a Product During a Crisis

We’ve heard it before: COVID-19 has radically transformed the way consumers interact with the global economy. Users and companies alike have been dramatically affected by social distancing measures and travel restrictions across the globe. Many businesses have had to make substantial changes to their product⁠—fast⁠—as consumers adapt to a new world.

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