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In our comprehensive User Acquisition Audit, we will identify your biggest opportunities for growth and help you achieve your business objectives. Using our systematic approach and drawing on extensive experience, we provide you with specialist, carefully tailored recommendations that will help you scale and optimize your user acquisition campaigns.

In our UA Audit, we review and expand on the following topics:

  • Company objectives and industry overview
  • Competitor analysis
  • KPIs and campaign structure audit
  • Tech evaluation
  • User journey
  • Taxonomy
  • Evaluation of LTV & incrementally

Company Objectives and Industry Overview

Company Objectives and Industry Overview

We will perform a broad, in-depth analysis of your company and review market and industry trends.

This, coupled with intensive user research and a review of marketing objectives, will help us ascertain your company’s needs and opportunities and provide channel recommendations per market.

The first part of the report will provide:

  • An overview of target markets and UA benchmarks
  • An overview of UA trends in the industry
  • Recommendations encompassing UA objectives and acquisition channels based on the above analyses

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Using key insights supplied by renowned business partners such as AppTweak and Sensortower,  we will perform close analysis of your competitors and gather accurate and diverse intel data points. The acquired data informs the overall UA strategy and tells us which elements to work with in order to successfully compete with your closest competitors. 

Using external tools, we will look at when and how a competitor has changed their creative strategy to develop conversion tactics that can then be tested and, if suitable, applied.

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KPIs and Campaign Structure Audit

KPIs and Campaign Structure Audit

Using our expertise in campaign management, we will analyze your campaigns and highlight the main growth opportunities.

It is here that we will employ industry-acclaimed frameworks such as our ASA Stack to recommend some best practices and ensure the successful execution of campaigns.

Leveraging our expertise from managing user acquisition for over 50 apps, we will deliver:

  • A detailed evaluation of current channels, campaigns, and KPIs to identify improvement opportunities
  • Bespoke recommendations based on targeted analyses, best practices, and key learnings acquired from years of experience in the field.

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Tech Evaluation, User Journey, and Taxonomy

Tech Evaluation, User Journey, and Taxonomy

We carry out an analysis of the user journey within the app and provide actionable recommendations to improve onboarding and minimize users' churn rate. We also provide ready-to-use, suggested taxonomy in the key user journey events to be tracked.

In addition, we evaluate the tech stack being employed and recommend tools that would be valuable to drive insights from the complete UA ecosystem and achieve the desired results.

In summary:

  • An analysis of the user journey within the app with ready-to-test experiment ideas
  • Suggested taxonomy on the key user journey events to be tracked
  • Evaluation of existing tech stack and recommendation of tools

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Evaluation of LTV and Incrementality

Evaluation of LTV and Incrementality

LTV will be key to correctly estimate the projected revenue from a customer over the course of their relationship with your business. Understanding how much projected value a newly acquired customer brings informs how much we can spend on acquiring a new customer.

Phiture will provide:

  • An overview of the estimation of the customer lifetime value (CLV) based on your business model 
  • An overview of the potential of your UA campaigns with suggestions on how to conduct incrementality studies

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