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We bring full funnel expertise and a holistic approach to growth that gets you the results you need. Whether you have a specific problem, or would like an appraisal of your overarching efforts, our dedicated squads can plug into your team and create instant impact.


Mobile Engagement and Retention Optimization Audit

Our comprehensive audits revolve around the question you want answered. That might be a specific item, such as data, taxonomy, or a particular campaign you’re running, or an overall appraisal of your efforts. For the latter, we start with an evaluation of your tech stack, event and user attribute taxonomy, and user segmentation via analytics. With this foundation, we then pinpoint key areas of opportunity for your business through an extensive analysis of existing CRM. Our core competencies to deliver results include strengthening user onboarding, improving CRM reach, optimizing key funnels such as activation and subscription, and using CRM channels such as in-app messaging, push notifications, and email to their full potential.

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation Managed Phase

Struggling with retention? We design, execute, and continuously improve retention strategies to get the results you need. This includes enhancing your approach to analytics, lifecycle marketing, and automation. Our managed phase means we can simply plug into your team to execute and manage campaigns for you, while we create end-to-end CRM processes that can be seamlessly transferred to your Marketing Team.

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Tailored Services to Suit Your Product

Do you have a specific area that needs attention? Our team works in squads of marketing professionals, engineers, data scientists, and designers and together we have thousands of hours of experience solving problems and optimizing solutions for a diverse roster of clients. No problem is too specific, reach out to us and we can hone in on the needs of your product.

Examples of this include:

  • Email deliverability clean ups
  • Net Promoter Surveys (NPS)
  • Pricing strategies
  • Connected Content

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Holistic Subscription Optimization Services

Working across the funnel, we optimize subscription services to boost acquisition, activation, conversion, and retention to improve key performance metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value. Having worked with subscription apps of all categories, sizes, and staged of development, central to our approach is the applied use of our conceptual frameworks and constant experimentation to gather new learnings and score wins. We tailor services to suit your product and needs.

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Revolutionize Your Mobile CRM with Effortless In-App Messaging - Introducing B.Layer!

Elevate your mobile CRM game with B.Layer – the ultimate solution for creating HTML in-app messages with zero code or SDK integration needed. Whether you need to create onboarding messages, display new products or educate your users about app features, our tool enables you to build sliding in-app messages quickly and easily. Take advantage of our user-friendly interface to enhance your mobile CRM and engage your audience with targeted in-app messaging. Get started today and witness a boost in user engagement.

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“The Phiture Team conducted an in-depth Retention Audit with Fishbrain. Phiture’s experts zeroed-in on key opportunities and delivered strong analytical insights, strategic recommendations and tactical next steps for improving retention and engagement.”

Lisa Kennelly, CMO


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