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Mobile Growth Audit

Get a comprehensive review of your growth efforts, as well as strategic expert advice on accelerating growth in 6 to 12 months. Together, we’ll dive into your industry and product challenges, conducting research using both external sources and your own data. With the Mobile Growth Stack as a framework, we’ll look at acquisition, engagement & retention and monetization to identify your biggest opportunities for growth. The Mobile Growth Audit typically lasts for about 3 weeks, 2 days of which are onsite.

Growth Consulting

Follow your Mobile Growth Audit with bespoke growth consulting, focusing on areas where substantial value can be added. From setting up and hiring growth teams to guiding growth processes, vendor selection and other bespoke projects, growth consulting typically lasts for a minimum of 3 months.

Working together with Phiture brought us up to speed on mobile growth. Phiture not only provided actionable insights with immediate effect but also heavily influenced our product strategy for future growth.”

Max Müller

Managing Director, Stylight

Wondering how growth consulting can benefit your team? Let’s discuss.


Our Thoughts

Mobile growth stack

Mobile Growth Stack

We share all we’ve learned in the Mobile Growth Stack, which we named after our industry-acclaimed framework. The blog has been read and cited by the likes of Greylock Partners and Google.

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Keyword optimization cycle

Keyword Optimization Cycle

The KWO Cycle is a framework we developed for systematic and iterative keyword optimization. It’s followed by ASO experts around the world.

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Mobile growth experiments

Mobile Growth Experiments

There’s one question you should be asking for each ongoing growth experiment, every single week: scale, iterate or kill?

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Minimum variable analysis

Minimum Viable Analytics

Growth and product teams will benefit from considering their Minimum Viable Analytics – that being, the data they need to make effective decisions. What are yours?

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