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Get full value from your powerful customer engagement tool with Phiture. Our team brings ten years of deep experience integrating and optimizing Braze implementations across the app and games industry. We pose solutions, empower teams, and drive significant improvements on key metrics.

Tailored growth consulting that matches your ambition

We provide customized and strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of your app, ensuring that Braze is used to its full potential and matches your ambition. Our full funnel expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive approach to mobile marketing that includes CRM, ASO, and paid acquisition.


We review, validate, and upgrade your Braze integration

Starting with the fundamentals, we help you get the most from your first-party data. We equip growth teams with the knowledge to leverage their analytics and build personalized user journeys in Braze. We help you measure the results of Braze campaigns against your business KPIs, relating to retention, engagement, and monetization.

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Extend Braze’s capabilities with Phiture’s technical expertise

Building on top of Braze’s APIs, we equip your team with additional tools developed for your product to execute your customer engagement strategy. Examples include an advanced campaign experiment backlog that integrates into your workflow system seamlessly as well as integrations with Google Sheets and other tools that enable multiple teams to collaborate seamlessly.

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Enhance and expand Braze‘s in-app capabilities, with B.Layer

With B.Layer you can create HTML in-app messages to use seamlessly with Braze. Quickly build sliding in-app messages, whether for onboarding, feature education, or in-app surveys. Instantly create personalized, dynamic user journeys to enrich your user profiles with first-party, privacy-safe data. The B.Layer in-app message studio is used extensively by some of the world’s leading apps, including Headspace, Lifesum, and VSCO.

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“The Phiture Team conducted an in-depth Retention Audit with Fishbrain. Phiture’s experts zeroed-in on key opportunities and delivered strong analytical insights, strategic recommendations and tactical next steps for improving retention and engagement.”

Lisa Kennelly, CMO

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Viral and Network Effects are crucial mobile growth strategies. Here we focus on how CRM can create and contribute to network effects illustrated with some common examples of CRM to be found across several categories of apps. 

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Achieving a Seamless User Experience: What to Consider Before Mandating Registration

Seamless user experiences are the key to a strong retention rate. Mandating user registration at exactly the right time is therefore crucial for your app. In this guide we describe when to mandate user sign up, depending on your app.

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Why Your CRM Activities Might Belong with the Product Team not the Marketing Team

In many cases, the placement of CRM with Marketing Teams, not Product Teams is legacy of CRM’s original foundation and has no bearing on how modern CRM teams actually work and operate today. In fact, this structure could be hindering CRM activities. In this article we outline why you might consider placing CRM under the Product Team, not the Marketing Team.

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