609% Increase in Food Delivery Purchases Through Innovative Performance Marketing


increase in installs via
performance marketing campaigns


increase in purchases via
performance marketing campaigns


increase in ROAS across
paid digital marketing channels

The Chefz, a driving force in KSA’s food delivery sector since 2016, embarked on an ambitious journey with Phiture to revolutionize its digital presence.
Hungry for success and in search of a rapid ascent to market leadership, The Chefz called upon Phiture’s expertise in digital growth strategies to help meet its objectives and provide the perfect ingredient to take its digital presence to the next level.

Leveraging Phiture’s Cross-Funnel Experience

The Chefz’ partnership with Phiture resulted in a comprehensive uplift across the digital landscape. A substantial increase in advertising spend across channels translated into a remarkable improvement in purchases, installs, and overall revenue.
This success story is not just about numbers; it’s about a synergetic partnership, research, insights, and bespoke creatives tailored to each channel, resulting in a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy.

Phiture’s expertise in growth has been instrumental in increasing our app’s visibility and user acquisition, exceeding our expectations. Their strategic guidance and constant operational support allowed us to significantly increase media spend, while decreasing CPAs at the same time.

Abdulrahman Madkhali — Marketing Manager, The Chefz

Different Channels, Sizable Success


Demonstrating the power of creative content, The Chefz achieved impressive engagement on TikTok. The focus on user-generated content led to a significant increase in purchases and a 502% ROAS, proving the channel’s effectiveness in captivating a younger, dynamic audience.


A cornerstone of the strategy, App Store Optimization (ASO) boosted The Chefz’s visibility in the App Store by 90%. The meticulous approach in Apple Search Ads (ASA) spend, which included the tactics around CPPs led to a massive surge in impressions and downloads, with a staggering
669% ROAS for ASA campaigns.


Campaigns maintained an exceptional 450% ROAS. The Chefz’s strategy on Snapchat effectively balanced high volume and engagement across the funnel.

Twitter / X

Through a meticulously bespoke approach, we saw a 557% ROAS, underlining the effectiveness of targeted purchase and install campaigns.

Conclusion: Savoring the Taste of Success

Together, The Chefz and Phiture have redefined what is possible in digital marketing within the food delivery industry. The journey of The Chefz, powered by Phiture’s strategic acumen, is a testament to the power of collaborative innovation and data-driven marketing in achieving extraordinary results.

Client: The Chefz
Website: https://thechefz.co
Services: Performance Marketing
Project period: 2023 – 2024