How we successfully scaled Hallow’s TikTok audience to support growth in key markets


increase in installs and purchases


increase in installs during Lent


increase in installs during Easter

The Challenge

How to scale TikTok as a channel to further Hallow’s growth, incorporating seasonal campaign launches with a specific focus on key markets to support ambitious growth goals.

“Phiture has been an insanely valuable partner over our high growth period during the last 6-9 months. Salah, Maria, Diogo, and Mila were all extremely knowledgeable and came in immediately (and every week) with recommendations and action items to continue lowering our CACs and overall helping us to scale our channels and markets. Our scale and success on a number of channels wouldn’t be possible without Phiture.”

Evan Laird, Head of Marketing@ Hallow

The Solution

We began by testing targeting options with TikTok, to determine appropriate segments within the potential audience. We then established a creative testing mechanism that focused on identifying creative wins quickly and efficiently; eventually unlocking User Generated Content as a key to success on TikTok, and ultimately expanding to additional markets. Phiture also helped Hallow with the big Lent and Easter campaign launches on TikTok.

Hallow Case Study feature graphic

The Results

On TikTok we were able to see early results within 3-5 weeks, which led to an increase in installs and purchases of almost 300%. Since then, TikTok has been established as one of the key marketing channels for Hallow. During the main events for Lent and Easter; we managed to scale up the volumes while maintaining performance efficiencies achieving increases in installs of 412% for Lent, and 230% for Easter.

Hallow is a Catholic prayer & meditation app to help you find peace, deepen your relationship with God, and sleep soundly every night.Client: HallowWebsite: https://hallow.comServices: Performance Marketing, TikTokProject period: 2022 Hallow logo