How Blinkist’s Year in Blinks Campaign Powered User Revenue and Renewals


higher likelihood of subscription renewal


of "Premium Content Starts" goal


of "New User Revenue" goal

Blinkist is a learning app that offers summaries from thousands of bestselling nonfiction books to read or listen to in 15 minutes. Users can also enjoy personal, expert-led deep dives into today’s key topics with Guides and summaries of high-impact podcast episodes. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or slip a little learning into your waiting times, Blinkist is the perfect learning companion.

The Challenge

Blinkist wanted to bring their annual Year in Blinks campaign to mobile, so all of their users could enjoy their yearly recap regardless of which device they used to access Blinkist. The book summary platform wanted to do this in a dynamic and compelling way, in order to drive key metrics including new user revenue, content starts, and renewals.

Isabelle Matuschka
Senior CRM Manager

“B.Layer allows us to build on-brand in-app messages in record time, with all their intricacies. They appear completely native to the UX of the app, and B.Layer’s simple drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for our team to involve other stakeholders, such as designers and product managers, in the process.”

The Solution

Blinkist turned to Phiture’s B.Layer: a software solution for producing highly customizable in-app messages. B.Layer’s Story format in particular was the perfect way to build the campaign and its seamless integration with Braze – the customer engagement platform that Blinkist uses – made B.Layer the perfect no-code solution for the job.

Blinkist created two different versions of the in-app messaging campaign: One comprising statistics from across the entire Blinkist community, and one with personalized content for each of their active users. This was localized in two languages: English and German.

B.Layer enabled Blinkist to fully personalize their in-app campaigns by utilizing Braze’s Connected Content feature, pulling in each users’ latest stats in realtime from an internal API endpoint.

Phiture's B.Layer Technology

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The Results

The Year in Blinks campaign outperformed on Blinkist’s targets:

  • Reached 104% of new user revenue goal
  • Reached 130% of Blinkist’s premium content starts goal
  • Users who received the Year in Blinks campaign were 51% more likely to renew their subscription!

B.Layer allowed Blinkist to build the in-app messages in record time, with all their intricacies, including full visual customization to properly represent Blinkist’s brand and appear completely native to the UX of the app. B.Layer’s simple drag-and-drop editor also made it easy to involve other stakeholders such as designers and product managers in the process.

Excellent qualitative feedback from users: Blinkist users particularly loved how this in-app campaign brought their stories to life dynamically in the app.

Client: Blinkist
Services: B.Layer, In-App Messages
Project period: 2023