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ASO Stack Redux 2023

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The field of App Store Optimization (ASO) continues to evolve, shaped by technological advancements, shifting user behaviors, policy changes across app stores, and new methodologies. The speed of change necessitates an update to the ASO Stack, and this marks its third edition, since its first publication back in 2017. In this Redux, we highlight the changes we’ve made to the Stack and is intended to serve as your roadmap to strategize, leverage new tools, and optimize your app’s visibility and conversion for success.

The updated ASO Stack is more user-experience-centric, interconnected, strategically relevant, and forward-thinking, and reflects the latest updates from both Apple and Google.

We’ve retained the fundamentals of  the previous ASO Stack edition, focusing on the different levers influencing an app’s visibility and conversion. However, the 2023 edition brings more avenues for organic growth within the app stores, and even from the outside.