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Come join our team of experts and help us move the needle for big brands like Headspace and Skyscanner. Phiture is a leading mobile growth consultancy working in a friendly, laid-back environment in Neukölln, Berlin. Your work with us will impact the wider growth community and give you the tools and experience you need to grow your career in growth.

Open positions

Creative Designer (20-40h)

We’re looking for a creative designer to join our mobile growth team. You will be responsible for producing great creative designs for our clients (we've worked with Skyscanner, Headspace, VEVO and the likes). Specifically, you will be developing creatives for app stores, email and mobile messaging campaigns. You will also be involved in developing designs for our company.

What you’ll do

  • Produce visual and creative assets for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (e.g. screenshots, feature graphics etc.)
  • Provide ideas around optimizing visuals that will help increase conversion in the app stores
  • Design and develop Phiture’s websites and assets further
  • Support other marketing and design related activities of our company and our clients such as designing In-App communications

What you’ll need

  • At least 3 years experience working as a designer, ideally in a marketing environment
  • Creative and passionate about design and great interest in mobile app marketing
  • An excellent understanding of design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
  • Experience in developing and implementing engaging design content
  • Outstanding English written communication and verbal presentation skills
  • Open to startup culture, open to change and helping out in different areas

Bonus skills:

  • Copywriting experience
  • UX/branding experience
  • Experience creating video creatives
  • Basic HTML / CSS knowledge
  • ASO experience (e.g. A/B testing)

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Working Student - App Growth

We’re looking for a working student ideally in his/her final year to support our App Store Optimization team. You’ll be responsible for analyzing App and Play Store presences of apps with millions of users, identifying areas for improvement and driving results for our clients. This is a great opportunity for someone wanting to pursue a career in app growth and marketing.

What you’ll do

  • Support the App Store Optimization (ASO) team in preparing reports for client apps to drive downloads
  • Manage databases, updating spreadsheets and developing presentations
  • Analyze data and monitoring various aspects of different apps
  • Help populate and manage our ASO knowledge base and support us in managing our 500+ member ASO Stack Slack Group
  • Work with the team in planning and executing A/B tests for the App Stores
  • Support other ASO and growth-related activities of the company as required

What you’ll need

  • Some prior working in a business environment (e.g. internship)
  • Outstanding (C1) written and verbal English language skills
  • Great enthusiasm for apps and generally tech-interested and tech-savvy
  • Excellent PowerPoint and Excel skills, ability to adapt and learn new data tools quickly
  • Excellent in understanding and analyzing different types of data
  • Structured, organized and independent working style with great attention to detail
  • Open to startup culture, open to change and eager to help out in different areas
  • Willing to support our team for up to 20 hours a week (40h during holidays)
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for getting results

Bonus skills:

  • Experience in working with apps or websites
  • Experience with data analysis tools such as Google Analytics
  • Knowledge of data analysis software
  • Photoshop and/or Sketch skills
  • Additional language skills

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ASO Expert

We’re looking for someone passionate about App Store Optimization to support our ASO team, providing strategic recommendations to clients and contributing to our knowledge base. You’ll be responsible for analyzing App and Play Store presences, identifying areas for improvement and driving results for our clients.

What you’ll do

  • Drive organic downloads for our clients by improving their app product pages and by implementing App Store Optimization strategies
  • Conduct keyword optimization and conversion rate optimization for the App and Play Store
  • Work with the team in planning and executing A/B tests on Google Play
  • Get involved with our ASO knowledge base, the ASO Stack publication, and our 500+-members ASO Stack Slack Group
  • Support other mobile growth related activities of the company

What you’ll need

  • At least 2 years of ASO experience with a big publisher or agency
  • Great enthusiasm for app store optimization and interest in mobile marketing
  • Knowledge of App/Play store developer consoles and key ASO metrics
  • Experience with A/B testing of creative assets on Google Play
  • Experience with keyword optimization, relevant tools and processes
  • Strong knowledge of Excel, able to make sense of and work with data
  • Open to startup culture, open to change and helping out in different areas
  • Outstanding English written communication and verbal presentation skills

Bonus skills:

  • Copywriting experience
  • Internationalization / localization experience
  • Experience with Apple Search Ads
  • UX/branding experience
  • Experience with third-party testing tools
  • Knowledge of SQL, XML, JSON / scraping data
  • Additional language skills

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Mobile Growth Practitioner

If you’re passionate about making a difference for big-name brands, and have gained a lot of experience with strategic mobile growth for big-brands already, we’re looking for you. Here at Phiture, we’re working at the cutting edge of mobile marketing and sharing all we learn with the wider growth community. Come join us in Neukölln as we set the standard for mobile growth.

Interested in working with Phiture? We’d love to hear from you! Even if you don’t see the perfect role say hi anyway by dropping us a message at [email protected] or via the contact form.


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