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With Google App Campaigns you can advertise your mobile app across different Google networks such as Google Search, Google Display, YouTube and Google Play. With Phiture’s systematic approach we will help you achieve the highest conversion rate possible for your campaigns.

We can help you:

- Set up a systematic campaign structure aligned with your business objectives
- Create high-quality text, video and image assets to amplify/enhance performance
- Maximize results for your budget and manage data-backed optimizations for CPI, CPA or ROAS

Campaign set up

Campaign set up

Phiture’s consultants will implement a systematic approach in setting up your campaign structure for optimal impact and scalability, across multiple languages and stores. Using differently themed ad groups based on the level of the users’ intent to convert. We implement the connection with your Mobile Measurement Partner and/or SDK in order to optimize for install, action or ROAS. Our team helps you identify the right KPIs to track and set up meaningful reporting. We create a personalized, interactive dashboard in Google Data Studio where you have an overview of the most important KPIs. We send out a weekly recap on performance metrics and learnings and have monthly check-up meetings.

Creative Assets

Creative Assets

In Google App Campaigns we can upload a large variety of creative assets with which the machine learning algorithm can work. Our copywriters, designers and videographers are experienced at delivering quality and highly-converting Google App Campaign assets. Using our conversion rate optimization (CRO) loop, we work on cyclic iteration on creative assets that aim at optimizing their performance. The objective of the CRO loop is to improve your conversion, reduce acquisition costs, and improve ROAS.

App Campaign Management

App Campaign Management

We offer Google App Campaigns as a fully managed service. Our consultants, designers, copywriters and engineers will help you promote your app and optimize for an optimal return on investment. We monitor and manage asset performance daily and help you target the right audience. We dig deeper into the campaign data to detect opportunities and drive optimizations.  In regular syncs and reporting, we help you assess the impact Google App Campaigns are driving towards your targets, gather insights and learnings and discuss on the strategic objectives for the future.

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